why chose us ?

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Endoscopic surgery is the latest advancement in operative gynecology and generally not available in every hospital. We are the pioneers of this field.
Since 1974, thousands of patients have benefited from the technique from our center. Minimum waiting list is there, however, generally because of a large team of 8 custom-made theaters. We are also to accommodate you within days. Surgery with conventional laparoscopy includes opening abdomen with an 8 cm incision. With this technique the complete operation is carried out by 2-3 parts (access) which are less than 1 cm incision. It require use of dissolvable stitches, which do not need to be removed.
You will have minimal post-operative pain and you will be discharged the same day in case of diagnostic procedures in a day or two after operative procedures.Emergency facilities for Ectopic Pregnancy are also available 24/7.

If you want to seek our help, please contact us 24/7.
We require your general health assessment before any procedure. Please have a general health checkup before you fix an appointment with us. Such help is also available at our center.
From wards to regular rooms and VIP suites, a range of facilities are available.